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Norms - Quality and Safety - Sotexpro UK



norme non feu m1

Delays the starting point of a combustion, limits post combustion and delays the mechanical properties decrease

norme thermique RT 2015

Thermal insulation, optimization of light radiation, easy to maintain.
M1 flame retardant.

Tissus pare-solaire

Light filtering.
M1 flame retardant.


Tissu occulant et obscurcissant

Prevents light passage.
M1 flame retardant.

normes acoustiques

Controlling the ambient sound level in a room
M1 flame retardant.


Norme antibactérien

Permanently antibacterian, prevent bacteria propagation, no harmful effects on skin.
M1 flame retardant.

respect de l'environnement

Production activities represent a low impact on the environment, Quality and Traceability of Products Garanteed.
Optimising and rationalising Production.


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