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Antibacterian fabric - High technological fibers - Sotexpro UK


Norme antibactérien


High technological fibers pour demands in the hygiene domain.

Exceptionnal technology

Our antibacterian fabrics are embedded with silver ions (Ag+). They garantee the antibacterian properties in the fiber. These new generation of bacteriostatic additives are applied during the thread production process.

+) have an effect on bacteria. They are permanently embedded in the fiber and therefore have a permanent and lasting effect against bacteria and prevent profileration.


antibacterian process

Proven efficiency

These substances are notified in the list of substances used for this specific product according to the directive EU 528/2012(CAS 7440-22-4 in accordance to th 98/8/EC directive).

he efficacy of our products is controlled by a certified laboratory of IFTH in accordance to then NF EN ISO 20743/2013 norm.


The technical properties

Antibacterian fabric properties:

  • permanently antibacterian
  • prevent bacteria propagation
  • no harmful effects on skin

Antibacterian fabrics are recommended for the hospital sector, retirement homes, daycares, and nursery schools.

Our antibacterian fabrics are also M1 flame retardant.