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Tissu occulant et obscurcissant


Blackout fabric blocks the passage of light. The optical values are defined according to European standard EN 14501.

Optical factors according to EN 14501

Visible light transmittance (Tv)

This is the total percentage of light ray wavelength ranging from 380 to 780 nm (nanometers), called the visible spectrum, passing through the fabric.

Visible light reflection (Rv)

This is the percentage of light radiation reflected by the fabric.

Light absorption(Av)

This is the percentage of light rays absorbed by the fabric.


occultant processus
Therefore by definition a blackout textile is a fabric that does not let light through. The entire visible light waves are thus either absorbed or reflected by the fabric.

Technical properties

Blackout fabric properties :

  • Prevents light passage

Our blackout fabrics are particularly recommended for professional spaces, meeting rooms, offices...

Our blackouts are also M1 flame retardant.