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Environment-friendly - Environment & respect for the norms - Sotexpro UK

The environment and respect for the norms

respect de l'environnement

The environment and respect for the norms

Our vision: "a sustainable strategy!"

Starting and implementing a sustainable development strategy depends on a strong will. Sotexpro is aware of the environment stakes and our company is a commited and responsible partner in preservation objectives for needs of future generations.

Sotexpro commits

From choosing raw materials to stitching finished products, including selling, we are willingly commited to an environmental approach throughout our...

Quality and Traceability of Products Garanteed

OEKO-TEX® (Health Textile Label)

Norme Oeko-tex

Our products carrying the OEKO-TEX label, "Confidence in Textiles" ensures additionnal comfort and security. This certification is given by an independant and recognized European Organisation. We guarantee that the majority of our fabrics are non-toxic, are non-allergenic and thus contribute to a modest extent to environment protection. This label is more demanding than the REACH directive.

The REACH directive


Managing energy use and resource preservation

Overall, SOTEXPRO's production activities represent a low impact on the environment in regards to waste and undesirable effects. Nevertheless, SOTEXPRO has implemented the following processes in the ongoing perspective of reducing energy use and resource preservation:

  • a waste sorting system, compacting and recycling waste (boxes, fabrics, plastics, metals...)
  • transfer paper recycling used on the transfer printing machines. They are then reused by florists as packing paper
  • Polyester fabric recycling. They are used in blanket and felt production
  • Acrylic coated fabric scraps are used for filling or the possilble use in padding is being looked into
  • Plastic as secondary raw material is recycled into garden accessories and garbage bags
  • a paper consumption reduction policy implemented through an all computerized sales management and administration process (Electronic Document Management set up since 2004), and communication material (catalogs and technical notices) available on line


Optimising and rationalising Production

  • The installation of rotative dispensers set up to diminish losses
  • The installation of new low energy consuming weaving machines
  • Insulation enhancement in buildings
  • Use of digital printers with water base inks
  • Possiblilities for a rain water recovery system is being studied


Optimizing shipping and product packaging

Sotexpro relies on a network of labor and local subcontractors which reduces carbon gas emissions. Not to mention daily activities which are small steps towards environmental conscience through grouped shipment and reducing the amount of packaging.


We confirm our will to act as environmentally friendly player!