Creche – Corbas, France

Creche – Corbas (69), France

by CONTINUUM – specialists in acoustic comfort

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The creche in Corbas provides daycare for children aged 12 to 24 months. It has a special area for the littlest ones, which includes a play area and somewhere to eat. Over the hours and days, children’s constant babble and chatter turns into a kind of noise pollution, wearing out the staff and even tiring the children themselves. The staff at the creche said that by the end of the day they felt completely drained. It was a double challenge: both children and staff had to be protected, in order to make the creche a relaxing yet stimulating place to be. CONTINUUM’s solutions contain a patented invention to correct an environment’s acoustics. CONTINUUM installed solutions that would absorb noise and create a calmer environment.

Customer testimonial

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We use a French manufacturer, SOTEXPRO, to make the fabric for our solutions – this is our way of helping to maintain the skills and expertise of the French textile industry. The final outcome was a great success – the staff say there has been a noticeable improvement!

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