Le Comptoir 532 restaurant

'Le Comptoir 532' restaurant

by CONTINUUM - specialists in acoustic comfort & SOTEXPRO

The ‘Le Comptoir 532’ restaurant serves 122 meals at each service. It’s a vast space: 202 m2. There had been many comments on social media and significant, unsolicited customer feedback about acoustic discomfort and sound reverberation levels. The constant background noise was therefore affecting customer numbers. What was needed here was a way to protect customers and staff from the noise and thereby improve customer numbers. And as well as reducing noise levels, the aim was to make having lunch here an enjoyable, relaxing experience that fostered friendly, private conversation.

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CONTINUUM’s solutions contain a patented invention to correct an environment’s acoustics. We use a French manufacturer, SOTEXPRO, to make the fabric for our solutions – this is our way of helping to maintain the skills and expertise of the French textile industry. The final outcome was a great success!

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