Saint-Etienne Innovation Knowledge Center

Saint-Etienne Innovation Knowledge Center (Centre des savoirs pour l’innovation)

by Sotexpro

Photos - @Simon Planquois - Photographer

SOTEXPRO was asked to supply curtains for the Saint-Etienne Innovation Knowledge Centre, located in buildings that previously housed the forges for a royal arsenal.


The project involved Aline Royer, project manager at K ARCHITECTURES, Paris 75011, France, and Pierre Vial, contract manager at CECOIA Menuiserie.
A superb renovation project that is definitely worth a look! This is a pleasant environment and a great place to work, boasting high ceilings and big windows. Our light-filtering curtains are both decorative and functional, as they provide great protection from the sun. Here they are also used as room dividers, so it’s easy to change the lay-out when required.

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