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Architects / Designers

You need to reply to customer’s specifications ? you are in competition with other agencies


Whoever you are, architects, designer, EPC contractor, ID contractor, event company or other, choose the right quality at the right price replying to customers specifications and local safety norms.


The customization : you imagine, we do !


Let your creativity drive you and rely on us to make it real ; a dedicated and intergrated infographist and fabric designer team is at your disposal to follow you in your project and to reach your expectation.

  • Plain dyed colouring  customized upon request
  • Digital printing by sublimation transfer
  • Jacquard weaving upon request
  • Bespoke stitching


You are requested by a customer for a textile decoration project ?


Sotexpro offers you more than 1800 different references and colourings of esthetic as well as technical FR fabrics.

  • Jacquard woven fabrics collection
  • A collection of plain fabrics offering a large range of technical features.
  • A collection of printed designs
  • Selection of printing designs available on FR fabrics per minimum of 5 mtr
  • Empreinte Collection, our design library containing a very large choice of design patterns and shown through 7 different inspiring themes. Printable on 20 differents FR and not FR fabric supports dedicated for contracts.
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Project in hand ?


Our commercial network follows you and brings you its deep expertise to guide you to select the right fabrics in accordance to requested specifications. You will get the benefits of our international network of distributors and installation partner companies who will provide you turnkey solution.