Jacquard weaving

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Jacquard weaving, what is it exactly ?

Jacquard weaving is a technique for weaving patterns in fabric.

This technique differs from dobby weaving (plain fabric) in that each warp thread is independent and is part of creating the design using the Jacquard attachment placed at the top of the machine.

The weft passes through the warp and creates the design, which is then integrated into the fabric with the colours reversed between front and back. The fabric is often reversible with a mirrored backing.

This technique requires special expertise to determine which weave, yarn and colour will be used to make the design so that it can be woven on the machine. This step is called drafting.

Many possible styles, although adaptation is required to transform a design into a Jacquard fabric.
This ancestral expertise is what creates the finish, feel and richness of the fabrics. This technique creates rich, plush fabrics that can have patterns on the front and back.

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