High-tech and antibacterial fibres for hygiene requirements.


Des fibres de haute technologie et antibactériennes pour des exigences dans le domaine de l’hygiène.

antibacterien tissu

As microbial flora and the earth’s population evolved, so did the need for protection against pathogens.

The current health crisis has also raised awareness of the importance of keeping people safe by providing constant protection, particularly in the fight against bacteria.

Unlike viruses, bacteria can grow on an inert surface.

They do not need living hosts to spread and can therefore do so easily on a textile surface, hence the need to effectively equip establishments.

By their very nature, textiles act as a barrier against viruses, in the same way as a cloth mask.

They can be used to modulate spaces into individual areas to ensure people’s safety.

Its weaving density and antibacterial action make BIOSAT an effective, additional textile solution in keeping with preventive measures and hygiene requirements.

The stakes are high: it is imperative to ensure that establishments open to the public are effectively protected against viruses and bacteria.

For the past several years, SOTEXPRO has developed a range of antibacterial fabrics with its flagship product: BIOSAT fabric.

It is made from integrally treated high-tech antibacterial fibres that meet hygiene requirements.

This BIOSAT fabric kills 99% of bacteria*, based on tests conducted in an approved laboratory in accordance with standard NF EN ISO 20743: 2013.

*tested for staphylococcus aureus and klebsiella pneumoniae.

How is Sotexpro’s antibacterial fabric designed?

Exceptional technology

Our antibacterial fabrics are inlaid with silver ions (Ag+). Silver is naturally antibacterial. These Ag+ ions act on bacteria.

These bacteriostatic additives are permanently incorporated into the fibre when the yarn is manufactured. They act definitively and durably against bacteria, preventing their proliferation by killing 99% of bacteria based on tests conducted in an approved laboratory in accordance with standard NF EN ISO 20743: 2013.

What are the benefits of antibacterial fabric?

BIOSAT antibacterial fabric has the following properties:

  • It is permanently antibacterial, no matter how many times it is washed.
  • It prevents the spread of bacteria (kills 99% of bacteria based on tests conducted in an approved laboratory in accordance with standard NF EN ISO 20743: 2013).
  • No harmful effects on the skin (Oeko-tex)
  • It is also an effective light filter (light, flexible and non-transparent, it guarantees privacy)
  • It is also M1 flame retardant.
  • It is France Terre Textile certified
  • Available in a range of plain colours with the option of customisation.

Antibacterial fabrics are particularly recommended for use in hospitals, nursing homes, crèches and schools.

What are the possible applications for antibacterial fabric?

Separation curtains for hospitals.
Curtains and blinds for schools, nurseries, kindergartens or any other type of establishment open to the public.

Do you have a project?

Our sales staff can provide you with support and in-depth expertise on standards for specific types of establishment (schools, hotels, retirement homes, healthcare, etc.).

Technical features of our fabrics