Recycled fabrics

Tissus recyclés

Recycled fabrics

A proactive and innovative commitment to reduce negative impacts and protect the environment.

We aim to use raw materials made from recycled non-biodegradable waste as much as possible to design, supply and manufacture our products.

Raw materials have a significant impact on the environment. As such, we chose synthetic fibres that are created by recycling plastic bottles made from 100% homogeneous PET (polyester), which makes them easier to recycle at the end of their life. The materials also meet the safety standards imposed in the different types of establishments that are open to the public (ERP), including the M1 classification.

We will increase our use of recycled threads in all our collections, to create products that are even more sustainable.

We are creating sustainable materials with 3 aims:

  • Less water used during manufacture
  • Less energy used during manufacture
  • Lower carbon footprint (transport, etc.)


SOTEXPRO fabrics made from recycled polyester have all the same high-quality requirements as our other products in terms of fire resistance, wear resistance and appearance. In time, the fabrics can be developed to have antiviral and antibacterial functions, all while improving durability and respect for the environment.

This proactive and innovative commitment will reduce the negative impacts of the products used in buildings and industrial applications, and offer solutions to preserve the environment throughout its life cycle (LCA), while maintaining use qualities in accordance with current regulations and user safety.


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