Collective housing

rideaux logement collectif

Collective housing


Discover our textiles designed to meet fire safety standards, as well as acoustic requirements, in places open to the public. From reception areas to bedrooms, choose technical and decorative solutions.

Bedding features

couvre lit textile hôtel


As a decorative touch to the bed, bedspreads help maintain bed hygiene. Whether you want to keep it plain, add a Jacquard weave or have printed patterns, we can design different bedspread models. In all cases, our bedspreads comply with the NF12952 standard, which is mandatory for bed linen.


Standard manufacturing ref : JR ouatiné

bed runners

Bed runners

Bed runners are a principle element of decoration, adding a neat and finished appearance to the textile decoration in rooms. We design different models of bed runners.

Standard manufacturing ref : DB et RE

Window features

rideaux sotexpro


In bedrooms, emphasise the well-being of users, by creating darkness thanks to our curtains. Choose from our wide collection of blackout or dimout, plain or printed, fabrics.
Always in compliance with current standards, our fabrics are flame retardant, which is mandatory in establishments open to the public.


Bespoke manufacturing :

We guide you to the most frequent standards in collective housing: prepleated head ref. PP70, the eyelet head ref : TO.


Track and supplies :

KS rail (for curtains up to 8kg/ml) and KSC rail (for curtains up to 12kg/ml), track round diameter 20mm or 25 mm ref : TR20 ou TR25.


Store enrouleur textile

Roller blinds

Our extensive range of blind fabrics gives you the freedom to choose ones that suit your decorative project: plain, printed, technical. Our precision and expertise in digital printing, means we can bring fabrics to life, so you are able to personally customise each of your spaces.

Other uses

Rideau de douche hôtellerie

Shower curtains

Our waterproof shower curtains are made according to the bathroom layout. They can then protect one or more sides of the tub and can also be adapted to a shower or a bathtub.