Tertiary / Administrative

Our blackout fabrics to isolate your offices from light and prevent people from looking in.

Tertiary / Administrative

Our blackout fabrics to isolate your offices from light and prevent people from looking in.

banniere tertiaire administratif bureaux

Our textile solutions go beyond simple decoration, as they can also have antibacterial and antiviral properties to improve hygiene in areas open to the public (ERP). We provide a wide range of textiles that are aesthetically pleasing, comply with fire safety standards and meet acoustic requirements.

Window features
Other uses


To dress windows or bays, opt for our thermal screens which increase comfort thanks to a good radiant energy control of the sun’s rays thus reducing reflections on computer screens. Thanks to our mastery in digital printing, you can combine aesthetics with technical requirements, in any textile.
Bespoke manufacturing :
We guide you to the most frequent standards in offices: prepleated head ref. PP70, the eyelet head ref : TO.
Track and supplies :
KS rail (for curtains up to 8kg/ml) and KSC rail (for curtains up to 12kg/ml), track round diameter 20mm or 25 mm ref : TR20 ou TR25.

Panel curtains

Rely on textile decoration to provide warmth to your offices and accentuate your décor. The versatility of panel curtains is a real asset. The horizontal opening system on rails will easily modulate the space, which is very useful in open spaces, to decorate large bay windows or storage spaces.

Roller blinds

Modulation of the opening from bottom to top, motorised or manual, employees can vary the brightness of their workspace at any time of the day. Our wide range of blind fabrics, provides the opportunity to choose them based on your design concept or your desires: plain, printed, technical. Personalise your offices.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds add warmth to your décor and are the perfect compromise between aesthetics and practicality, since little space is required and they are easy to install. They can be placed on each window independently, allowing effective protection from light throughout the day.


Differentiate yourself by choosing to arrange your reception and waiting areas with seats, armchairs or benches made using our quality upholstery textiles.

Do you have a project?

Our sales staff can provide you with support and in-depth expertise on standards for specific types of establishment (schools, hotels, retirement homes, healthcare, etc.).