Textile printing

Sotexpro live and breathe personalization.

To print your dream fabrics, sotexpro has wide format digital printers, which are at the forefront of technology.
Sotexpro is a transfer printing specialist with an annual production of 250,000 linear metres, including 130,000 linear metres of digital printing every year.

Textile printing, what is it exactly ?

The digital printer uses the fabric as a medium, and the design is applied to one side.

First, it is printed on paper, then transferred to the fabric using a calender heated to a very high temperature (around 180°C).

Any pattern style or colour is possible, including images from a sketch, painting or photograph. The only size limitation is the width of the fabric used.

The fabric’s functionality is independent of the pattern chosen. This technique enables you to incorporate different designs and colours on the same fabric.
Choose your printed textiles from our ranges or choose a design and Sotexpro will produce it for you.

Do you have a project?

Our sales staff can provide you with support and in-depth expertise on standards for specific types of establishment (schools, hotels, retirement homes, healthcare, etc.).