Flame retardant

In fire safety, resistance to fire is codified at national and european level and is highly regulated.

Flame retardant

In fire safety, resistance to fire is codified at national and european level and is highly regulated.

non-feu tissu

Resistance to fire is the representation of a material as fuel for fire (combustibility, flammability), as defined by the French Order of 21 November 2002. There are strict fire regulations for the use of textile fabrics in establishments.

You can consult the details of this regulation on the Securofeu website.

French classification

In France, there is a rating scale with 5 categories that define the fire resistance of materials:

  • M0 : non-combustible
  • M1 : combustible (non-flammable)
  • M2 : combustible (flame retardant)
  • M3 : combustible (moderately flammable)
  • M4 : combustible (highly flammable)
  • NC : not classified

European classification

The European classification (euroclasses) is defined in European standard EN 13501-1.

There are five categories of requirement: A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F (F being equal to the NC category of the M classification).

This classification also takes into account two other criteria: smoke opacity (quantity and speed) marked “s” for smoke

s1 : low quantity/speed
s2 : average quantity/speed
s3 : high quantity/speedignited

droplets and debris marked “d” for droplets

d0 : no debris
d1 : no debris with a combustion lasting more than 10 seconds
d2 : neither d0 nor d1

Classifications according to BS EN 13501-1 French Classification
A1 Non-combustible
A2 s1 d0 M0
A2 s1 d1 M1
A2 s2
B s1
C s1
D s1
M4 rating (noon-drip)
All classes other than E-d2 and F M4

Imo standard

IMO is the fire reaction standard in the marine sector. It applies to all types of boats and merchant ships.

Bs en 12 952 standard

Fire behaviour of bedding items.

Standard BS EN 12952 parts 1 and 2, requires that the bedding articles concerned pass tests for non-ignition resistance to cigarettes.

Technical properties

The properties of Flame retardant fabric:

  • ensures compliance with legislation and standards
  • delays the onset of combustion
  • limits post-combustion
  • delays the fall of mechanical properties


French Flame retardant M1 rating explanatory note

All our fabrics are tested by an approved laboratory, meaning we have M1 certification, in the form of a report valid for 5 years. For more information on reading a non-flammable report, take a look at our explanatory note to check the veracity of a French fireproof M1 report.

See the explanatory note (PDF format)

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