Our values

From textile tradition to responsible innovation.

Our values

From textile tradition to responsible innovation.

nos valeurs bobine fil rouge

Defending French textile expertise

Based in Panissières in the Loire, we promote local employment and the maintenance of French textile expertise.

We are committed to passing on our textile expertise through the passing of generations and in-house training.

Being a trend setter – influencer – innovator

We design, manufacture and sell products, the majority of which are certified. The creative process is embedded in our approach whether we are updating the classics or anticipating future trends.

Innovation is the essence of Sotexpro, enabling us to address regulatory issues and meet our client’s expectations. Thinking about the future is our motif!

Using a virtuous approach to the product life cycle

We extensively reflect on the product life cycle, which involves using eco-design, incorporating recycled materials, partnering with local suppliers, optimising manufacturing processes, managing waste and product life span, and reviewing product end of life.

We provide comprehensive calculations of the environmental impact of our products, including carbon footprint, water eutrophication, water consumption and fossil fuel use.

Social innovation

We host well-attended sophrology workshops, introduced as part of our efforts to reduce psychosocial risks.

We promote a good work/life balance and the quality of life is recognised by employees, most of whom live near their place of work.

We support inclusion: 7.6% of FTE posts are filled by people with disabilities, some of whom hold positions of responsibility.

Do you have a project?

Our sales staff can provide you with support and in-depth expertise on standards for specific types of establishment (schools, hotels, retirement homes, healthcare, etc.).