antibacterial fabric



Their antibacterial property is guaranteed by our filament inlaid with silver ions. Silver is a natural material and is naturally antimicrobial. These agents are permanently integrated into the fibre and provide long-lasting action against microbes and damaging bacterial cells, preventing their proliferation.

Window features

Rideaux Restauration


From complete blackout to transparent sheer fabrics, to help you dress your windows while also maintaining privacy we have numerous textile solutions. All comply with fire safety standards, mandatory for establishments open to the public, and adhere to antibacterial requirements. Thanks to our digital printing expertise, you can combine decoration with technical requirements.


Bespoke manufacturing :

We guide you to the most frequent standards dedicated to the health industry: prepleated head ref. PP70 and header curtain ref: PL and header curtain ref STAN.


Track and supplies :

KS rail (for curtains up to 8kg/ml) and KSC rail (for curtains up to 12kg/ml) and track round diameter 20mm or 25 mm ref : TR20 ou TR25.

parois japonaises

Panel curtains

From the reception area right throughout your entire space, rely on textile decoration to dress French doors or simply modulate spaces. Lightweight and easy to install, panel curtains are simple and efficient in terms interior design, thanks to their horizontal opening mechanism on rails.

Other uses

Rideau de séparation antibactérien

Antibacterial partition curtain

Widely used in hospital environments, these separation curtains make it possible to preserve the intimacy of patients sharing the same room. They also limit potential bacterial contamination and are designed using flame retardant textiles in order to comply with standards applicable to establishments open to the public.


Bespoke manufacturing :

We guide you to the most frequent standards dedicated to the health industry: header curtain ref : PL


Track and supplies :

Medical track ref : MTS.

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