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Hospitality industry

From reception areas through to bedrooms, enhance the customer experience by choosing a unique decorative atmosphere. Discover our ranges of textiles — Jacquard, plain or printed — that comply with the mandatory fire safety standards in common areas of hotels.

Customised decoration and technical solutions are key for our experts.

Bedding features

chemin de lit textile hôtel

Bed runners

Bed runners are a principle element of hotel décor, adding a neat and finished appearance to the textile decoration in rooms. We design different models of bed runners, meeting elevated hotel standards.

cache sommier textile hôtel


Ideal for coordinating the bed with the décor, the bed mattress cover has both an aesthetic and protective role for the bed base. Completely customisable depending on the size of the box spring, let your imagination run free when choosing the material: Plain, printed or imitation leather fabrics.

Coussin sotexpro


Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing; round, rectangular or square, decorative cushions are essential finishing touches when decorating a bed. Take a look through our fabric library and find the fabric you want; whether plain fabric, printed fabric or Jacquard woven patterns.

Window features

rideaux sotexpro


To dress your windows, from complete blackout fabric to transparent sheer fabrics, choose textiles from our wide range of plain, printed or Jacquard fabrics for trendy and customised décor.


Bespoke manufacturing :

We guide you to the most frequent standards in the hospitality industry: microflex head ref. PMPS, prepleated head ref. PP70 and the eyelet head ref: TO.

Track and supplies :

KS rail (for curtains up to 8kg/ml) and KSC rail (for curtains up to 12kg/ml)

Store enrouleur textile

Roller blinds

Our wide range of textiles for blinds means you can choose according to your decorative atmosphere and what is on trend: plain, printed, technical. Thanks to our digital printing expertise, we bring textile mediums to life. Add a touch of differentiation to your interior spaces.

Wall features

Cadre décoratif impression numérique

Decorative frames

Customise your spaces, seduce and retain your customers with the decorative frame to offer them a unique experience. Adding an attractive aesthetic, it contains an extremely thin aluminium frame. We can carry out digital printing on a wide range of non-flammable textile mediums and for a more intense decorative touch, we can add backlighting to the decorative frame.

The decorative frame can also be used on a complete wall as part of a renovation project.

Tenture murale sotexpro

Wall paper

Thanks to a unique method, the fibreglass can now be used with sublimation printing, which means that all kinds of designs can be printed. Printing on walls is simplified with very high quality graphics: lines are sharp and colours are respected. Our wall coverings can be paired with our furnishing fabrics and match to all your requirements.
French regulation on our wall covering GRAFFITI is the norm C-s1-d0 for public-access buildings : Type O (=Hotels and other buildings for family hospitality receiving at least 100 people)

Other uses

Siège hôtellerie sotexpro


Reorganise your space depending on your décor concept and upholster all your seats in line with your chosen theme. Designer and decorative, upholstery fabric allows you to truly customise your interior space to match your desired image.

Rideau de douche hôtellerie

Shower curtains

Shower or bath? Not an issue! Our waterproof shower curtains are made especially to fit your bathroom layout.