BIOSAT antiviral fabric

Since it was founded over 45 years ago, SOTEXPRO has prided itself on its ability to provide textile solutions tailored to meet the various technical, economic, regulatory, logistical and, of course, aesthetic requirements imposed on establishments that are open to the public.

With this in mind, its range of antibacterial fabrics was created over 15 years ago, and is now globally recognised. As part of its efforts to preserve its founding principles, SOTEXPRO is working on the development of this range of innovative fabrics.

A crisis that is driving development

The current health situation has naturally driven SOTEXPRO to rethink its customers’ needs, especially with regard to the role its fabrics could play in the fight against Covid-19. This pandemic, which has caught everyone by surprise, has also brought about a change in our behaviour and the desire to protect ourselves is now of paramount importance. SOTEXPRO has started testing its flagship BIOSAT antibacterial fabric to assess its antiviral properties.

Conclusive results

BIOSAT was therefore tested in accordance with standard ISO 18184 (2019) by an accredited French laboratory in Lyon (VIRHEALTH) on 2 virus strains: the enveloped human coronavirus HCoV-229 (similar to Covid-19) and the non-enveloped Murine Norovirus (similar to the gastroenteritis virus).

For the former, BIOSAT kills nearly 98% of the virus in less than 2 hours and for the latter, 73% in less than 2 hours.

Smart technology

It is important to note that the antiviral properties of BIOSAT fabric are permanent, resistant to washing and weather-resistant because they are directly related to the fibres from which it is made. It is not a surface treatment.
Therefore, just like its antibacterial properties, the silver ions also act on these types of virus and kill them more quickly than on other surfaces or untreated textiles. As well as being M1 flame retardant, BIOSAT is the perfect choice for effective protection in your establishments.