Since the recent health crisis, the hygiene inside buildings has become a major priority for the health safety of the guests and the staff.

100% of our FR fabrics* as well as our antibacterial FR fabric range have inherent properties for a permanent action whatever the quantity of washings. Indeed the textile material that we are using in our fabrics are made of high technicity polyester: for permanent FR and antibacterial properties.

Besides offering permanent actions, the inherent properties of our fabrics gives them the ability to be washed without impacting the FR and antibacterial efficiency of the fabrics. On the contrary, the washing is the most effective way to keep an optimized protection against the risk of fire and infections.

Therefore for a better and long term safety, make the choice, with Sotexpro, of decorative, technical and washable permanent fabrics.

*velvet, metalized and water repellant fabrics excluded