Cottage collection is geared to residential care homes

Following on from our previous collections inspired by Nature, we are staying the course and continuing to develop our technical fabrics.While the 2020 ‘Retour à la Sourcecollection was designed for the hospitality market,our new COTTAGE collectionis geared to residential care homes, with technical products designed to meet their needs.

Nature and our desire to preserve it

At SOTEXPRO, nature and our desire to preserve it are a constant source of inspiration as we create our collections. The extensive development of 100% recycled fabrics is a fine example.

The vintage patterns evoke the spirit of the 1970s, with simple, colourful, geometric motifs. The 70s was also a period where people again began to value craftsmanship and nature. It was a decade filled with dreams and creativity, with flashy, vibrant colours. It was also marked by increased awareness about the seriousness of environmental problems.
Our new high-quality, 100% recycled product, made in France, shares this same spirit and it opens up opportunities for developments better aligned with our environmental responsibility commitments.

Our SIENTO fabric is heading in this direction and is now designed using 100% recycled polyester threads. With an attractive natural appearance, it is an effective and heavy sunscreen that filters the sun’s rays well.