Institut Robin – Vienne, France

Institut Robin – Vienne (38), France

by CONTINUUM – specialists in acoustic comfort & SOTEXPRO

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The Institution Robin – Saint Vincent de Paul secondary school wanted to provide a mezzanine in its entrance hall, to give students somewhere for group work other than in a classroom.

Specific issues: the Atrium sees a great deal of coming and going as the classrooms lead off from it. It’s an open space with a 10-metre-high dome, and any noise reverberates enormously.

It was a double challenge:

  • students needed to be protected from the constant hubbub, as not only is it tiring, it also destroys concentration
  • the noise generated by group work needed to be reduced, so that they could work together constructively

CONTINUUM’s solutions contain a patented invention to correct an environment’s acoustics. CONTINUUM installed solutions that would absorb the noise and make the mezzanine somewhere students would feel comfortable and get the most out of working together.

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We use a French manufacturer, SOTEXPRO, to make the fabric for our solutions – this is our way of helping to maintain the skills and expertise of the French textile industry. The final outcome was a great success and the solutions fit in seamlessly with their surroundings.

You can find out more about this project in the article at continuum-france

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