Room Refurbishment (Club Med - CAP SKIRRING, Senegal)

Room Refurbishment (Club Med - CAP SKIRRING, Senegal)

Photos – @Cotoa

The project

Refurbishment of 195 rooms at Club Med Cap Skirring in Senegal.

Supply, making and installation of curtains:

  • Bay windows : double rod with BORNEO blackout on the window side and M102 sheer on the interior side.
  • Bathroom windows of type 1 rooms: a curtain in BORNEO.
  • Bathroom area of type 2 rooms: interior separation curtains in COLLEGE fabric.

The installation team was reinforced by a tailor with a sewing machine brought to the site, which allowed for timely modifications requested during the project by the project manager.

Customer testimonial

Initially, the fabrics selected by the decorator were not from SOTEXPRO.
In collaboration with SOTEXPRO, we proposed alternatives. Thanks to the efforts of SOTEXPRO’s sales and technical teams, our client chose BORNEO fabric with custom printing.

SOTEXPRO is already referenced by Club Med and is a supplier to COTOA, which streamlined the process and operations.

SOTEXPRO delivered on time, and COTOA was able to make up all the curtains in August. Installation only began on October 3rd, due to delays in the progress of the works.